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Hortifit nutriets are formulated in an innovative way through which your plant can’t wish for a better manure fertilizer, as far as processing and composition are concerned. Hortifit nutrition is particularly innovative, because it meets typical features of different substrates.

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We produce and test scientifically our fertilizers
before to be use by profesionals growers.

fooding line
The most complete nutrition line
Hortifit has developed the most advanced and complete nutrition plan for quick absorption for your plants on every stage of grow. Works perfect with hydroponic, aeroponic sytems and any kind of coco or soil mixes.
Product Highlights
All Hortifit product line are made of only the very best and most nutritional ingredients, Once you have used Hortifit Products and seen what a difference it can make in your plants you will never want to use another other nutrient blends.
Hortifit products comes in many different sizes. Seasoned growers love it and it is a perfect choice for beginner growers as well.
Profit for your plants
Proudly made in Holland. Farmers, gardeners and professional growers in Europe have developed a large following with Hortifit, You get premium results in your plants after using Hortifit products.


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Hortifit Grow Plans

Top Focus

Unique product in the market that makes sure that
all the macro and micro nutrients are always available for the plant.

Pk Super Boost

Efficiency-enhancing formula.
by adding manganese and boron.

Blossom Powder

Visible results within 5 days.
You will be amazed of the end result.

The Best and Advanced Plant Nutrients

Quick absorption by plants. Works good with both water systems and soil mixes.

Hortifit A + B

Increase the production of root hairs and gives a boost to all growing processes in your plant.

Root Stimulator

Accelerates the flower development, increases the production of flower cells and gives a boost to the sugar transport.

Bloom Stimulator

The ultimate substrate optimizer by breaking down dead roots and improves the availability of nutrients.

Multi Enzyme

The P 13 K 15 booster with Borium and Mangane for hard cell walls and massive flower and fruit production.

PK Super Boost

Provide specific critical elements to support heavily fruiting and flowering crops.

Top Focus

This sparkling Phosphorus and Potassium bloombooster is the most effective solution to maximise your flower production.

Blossom Powder

Aqua Clean kills harmful bacteria and fungi in water through positively charged silver particle.

Aqua Clean
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