Hortifit Multi Enzymes

Hortifit Multi Enzymes facilitates the uptake of plant nutrients thanks to his formula based on fifteen different types of enzymes. Hortifit Multi Enzymes provide a rapid decomposition of plant and root residues in the substrate preventing the accumulation and decomposition of old roots, giving the pathogens less opportunities to attack the plant.

User Instructions

During the whole cycle use 1 mL a week 2 mL Hortifit Multi Enzymes in 1 liter of irrigation water. If you want to reuse the substrate, Hortifit recommended in the past two weeks doubling the dose of Enzymes.

Concentration: 1 till 2 ml Hortifit Multi Enzymes with 1 l of feedwater.


  • 1L bottle
  • 5L bottle

Other directions

* After opening product is perishable.
* Store closed in a dark and frost-proof place.
* 100% recyclable plastic.
* The bottle is made of polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free).