The new Blossom Powder

The new Blossom Powder is the key to success for every grower. This sparkling Phosphorus and Potassium bloombooster is the most effective solution to maximise your flower production in the horticultural sector. Hortift Blossom Powder yields clearly visible results and works ideal in unison with all base nutrients. Hortifit Blossom Powder is simple to use and it comes conveniently packaged in sachets.

User Instructions

Week 6 (flowering stage, last 3 weeks): Adjust your ec with basic nutrient to 1.2 e.c and dispense 1 sachet on 100 liters of feed water.
Week 7 to week 8 (flowering phase): dispense 2 sachets on 100 liters of feed water.

Concentration: 1 to 2 sachets Blossom Powder on 1L feedwater


  • Display box with 06 Sachets

Other directions

* After opening product is perishable.
* Store conditions: at room temperature.
* 100% recyclable plastic and carton.
* The display box is made of recycled paper.